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We believe business can be part of the solution

Our mission is to empower companies to solve, not add to, the world’s biggest challenges.





How we work

Our robust impact methodology allows us to materially advance our clients’ ESG performance. It helps us derive winning strategies based on a deep understanding of the local contexts and stakeholders’ interests.

Collaboration is at the core of our work. In our projects, we involve relevant local stakeholders from government, business and civil society to make sure we create desirable, lasting impact. 

We enjoy working in complex contexts across social, cultural and linguistic barriers. Our teams of international and local experts take a hands-on approach and combine technical advice, change management and capacity development. 

Janosch Jerman, CEO of Part of the Solution.

Who we are

We are a group of strategists, project designers and change-makers driven by the idea that companies can be part of the solution.

With roots in the sustainable development community, we combine an NGO's conviction with the professionalism of a world-class consultancy.

Together with a global network of regional and industry experts, we pave a way forward that is good for business and where business can be good.


Work with us

Do you want to create a future we can feel more optimistic about?

Join us as we combine idealism, professionalism, and expertise to enable brands to reach their sustainability goals.

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Janosch Jerman, CEO of Part of the Solution.


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