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From ambition to impact

We are an impact consultancy. We support forward-thinking businesses become people and planet positive.

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ESG 2.0

The era of feel-good sustainability is over. Now, a company’s impact has to count.

Whether it is climate goals, labour rights, or protecting biodiversity – the direction is clear: It is not imaginable that we will ever go back to a world without science-based climate targets, respect for human rights in business operations, or biodiversity safeguards.


What we do


Plan your change

Create a framework that leads to positive impact. We help define a winning strategy and build powerful partnerships, setting your organisation on course to meet its ESG ambitions.


Make it happen

Realise concrete change in your value chain. From designing projects to implementing and monitoring progress, we'll help you navigate the complexity of making change on the ground.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Measure your impact

Understand what works and gain critical insights. We evaluate individual projects or your entire portfolio to assess the success of your change initiatives.

Cases Clients

Die forschenden Pharma Unternehmen

Creating a coalition for access to health

We advised Germany’s pharmaceutical association vfa on creating an alliance between companies, civil society and government to improve access to health. As a result, a pilot was launched and first projects are being implemented.

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Developing public-private partnerships

We advised GIZ on finding and approaching partners from the private sector. As a consequence, the team now works with companies and their African suppliers on improving product quality.


Identifying opportunities to expand access to medicines efforts

We supported Merck to analyse their Access to Medicines Index reports and identified opportunities for advancing their access to medicines initiatives. As a result, Merck will be able to prioritise their efforts and further improve their patient reach in LMICs.

Janosch Jerman, CEO of Part of the Solution.
Our Team

Who we are

We are a group of strategists, change designers and project implementers driven by the idea that companies can be part of the solution. 

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Work with us

Do the strategist and idealist in you work hand in hand? Then, you are in good company!

Join us as we help forward-thinking business leaders create a better tomorrow.  

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Janosch Jerman, CEO of Part of the Solution.


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